High sugar foods you thought were healthy

Seemingly ‘healthy foods’ can contain a heap of sugar, but the good news is that reducing how much you eat of a few key foods can have a big impact on your diet. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the stuff that all of us eat and drink which can contain hidden sugar.

Juices: All the sugar of fruit with none of the fibre, juices are definitely one to avoid.

Condiments: Tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, relishes and other sauces are often full of sugar, so try to limit them to a teaspoon per meal or less. Another good option is to enhance the flavor of your food with spices, such as a sprinkle of turmeric or cumin, or with fresh herbs.

Muesli: While rolled oats are generally a healthy source of carbs, many mueslis are chock full of sugar, in the form of dried fruit.

Chips: Chip and crisps are so salty it’s easy to think they are low in sugar, but look at the nutrition information on the pack and you’ll see it isn’t just salt they are full of.

Yogurts: Depending on the brand and the ingredients, yogurt can be filled with hidden sugars. Ideally, yogurt should have less than five percent sugar. Don’t worry, it will seem a bit tart at first, but you get used to it very quickly.

White bread: White bread is full of sugar and highly refined carbs. Try wholemeal, which should keep you fuller for longer.

Sweet cereal: Sweet cereals, especially anything marketed at kids, is likely to be more like a dessert than a well-balanced breakfast. Look at the nutritional panels on the packs before deciding how to start your day.

Processed foods: Anything that is highly processed is likely to be full of sugar (as well as salt, fat and preservatives). The less you eat these foods, the better.

As you can probably guess, this list is far from exhaustive, but if you can cut down these few foods it will be a really good start. And don’t worry – while it might be difficult to begin with (as we all know sugar can be addictive), but once you’re used to a lower sugar diet you’ll be amazed how good it tastes. Good luck.

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